Dogs Teeth

I can run from dogs teeth
And step from sun to the shade.
I can run from “it”, in our game of tag
And sidestep a flying dart.

I cannot wander from my body
Despise and obsess
I cannot skip from my mind
Rage and fury

I want to run and I cannot run;
This is it.
I want to hide and I cannot hide;
This is now.

I hate this
I hate
I hate this

I build walls to protect,
Rules and decrees,
And they consume me.

When will I live what I strive to protect?
What am I protecting?
What is being saved?

The walls demand
Until the very foundation is carried
To build at the top
And it falls with nothing beneath.

Now not even a grim great wall
To show for this life.

All is confusion.

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