Morning Domesticated

Morning Domesticated:

The tail of our long dry summer lays
Finally dripping with the first heralding wet of fall.

The screen door permits a drafting serpent, sliding over
Tile floors, spawned of a most fresh rain.
Its body slips about the legs much as a furry friend might, Bequeathing pleasures only summer excess could allow.

Burbbling is the tea kettle
Fffffft fffft are the soft morning feet

How my will the pain be today?

-Do you want coffee, —Sure
-Should we make oats? —We could do that.

Ping is the toaster
Creak hummmm is the fridge
Clack clack are the mugs

—I kind of just want popcorn for breakfast, -that’s okay too.

Aw, someone closed the screen door, I suppose it was cold, but I liked the cool breeze

–We were thinking Mexico tonight, the whole country and you’d need to go shopping.

Shhhhh goes the tap
Snap snap is the stove burner
Crrrrk is the striker

Why is that one burner always so obnoxious?

–You know you bought raspberry jam, not strawberry, _Huh?
Just cause it’s red doesn’t mean it’s strawberry, _Hmm sure

Pop Pop Pop is popcorn
Drip drip is the rain
Woooot is The distant train

–Popcorn for breakfast?, —No, I’m making sandwiches in the popcorn machine,
–Hey can you unload the dishwasher, _Yea sure,
–The coffee is ready, _Yea okay.

Bang bang is the pots
Boom boom is the cabinet
Crasssssssh is the dishes

Can I make it just barely through the dizzy dissonance.

Stirring Spoon strikes a Coffee cup triangle
The last ring a ding done.

The tide recedes.

Soft Epistles of backs hurting and crunching popcorn, and Giggles populate the twilight of morning.

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