Jade Plant No.3

Jade plant

How your stoicism frustrates
As these pacing steps keep time to
This unraveling mind

Grandma’s Blanket

Knitted in wool
Green, black, blue
Keeping this grandson warm
Till he joins you in
Your far away place

Shower Cap

O, shower cap
You deceive in simplicity
Masking such great service
Saving hours of damp long hair.

How like sneezes in release.

Hot water bottle

Hot spring kept in a jar
Not by the door, in a bed;
What is it for
Keeping body warm
While it rests till the morning.

I want to be saved
I can not forgive this world
That is so much bigger than me.
I can not forgive myself for not
Being able to reach
The end of the rabbit hole.
It is impossible
I want to be Superman, and
I can not.

Forgive myself for not being able to lasso the stars every day.
Forgive the sun for not setting with
Purple and red every day.
Forgive, forgive, forgive
Let go this moon sitting heavy
in my body and soul.

Take me back
to explore and revel:
A blueberry smoothie, a book, and the grass.
Building castles on the old footstool of
an ancient tree.
Reading comics over a brothers’ shoulder.
Trees and trees and sap and scraps
To when the world was not always nice but I could always go home.

If I were Superman it would be so
I am not
I am not
I am me.

Where is this mountain top experience and the happily ever after.
It comes and goes like these hours, and
still I hope for forever noon.
Will ever I truly live that there is nowhere to get to and nothing to be.
And let go of this realm of Man that tallys and measures and scours.

The rabbit hole will play every man
Attempting to reach an end.

Today is determining the circles end
Yesterday finding the edges of a ball
Tomorrow seeing marks on blank pages

Always the breath of the bull
Nowhere to get to. Nothing to be.
Just the spirit. Just here.
With my important part of the whole.

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