Into Breathe

Yes I do like nice things. I like kilts. I like dresses. The ladies look so good in them and maybe me too. I like women. They are so lovely. I like how some smell so nice even without the perfumes. I like earrings and necklaces. like nice trays for carrying food. I like sweets. I like movies. I like cartoons. I like video games. I do like long hot showers. I do like fantasies and fairy tales and magic and secrets. In fact I do like hard physical work even though I can’t anymore. I like how people smell after a day of farmwork. I like chilling. I do like manga. I do like anime. I do I do I do. I like poetry. I like art. I do like friendly people and friendly dragons. I like flowers. I like how they look and how pretty they are. How they smell. I am in fact something of a pansy. Always wanted to be big and strong but that ain’t me. I like plants. I love baklava and tiramisu. I like knitting and sewing machines. I like simplistic things. I like Japanese art. I like scientific research papers, I like all those fancy words; the content is nice too. I like how it is just the facts with no convincing. And silly humour iss the best.

If you must to punish for what I am and have become—go ahead.
I am done with that employment.

I’ll probably like too, you.

I would like to like what I like. Feel when I feel. Let go this squeezing away the self in a box whose corners are
So tight.
Open rather into a space for breathe.

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