What is the overwhelmed
Where is it
Who is it
Why is it
How is it
Just wondering about it it
Makes it go on a little more
Existential hoohaha
Please, no more
No, not please.
Always asking for allowance
Yet it goes on and on
No stopping the automatic
Only can be satisfied in creation
Satisfied in what is there and is not there
Perhaps one day it will quiet down
There thinky thinker monkey
Programmed into this being
To think and monkey about
As if that will solve and mend
That will make the little boy not hurt
He does just want to be okay
Yet can no longer because
This thinky monkey
Claims its dues
Clamors for attention
And this boy know only
To submit
Feels righteous in giving away
Giving away
The power
This boy is so skilled in the monkey mind
Can analyze the world to bits
His own satisfaction
His own enjoyment
His own being into bits and bits to no end
Always finding not enough
Because way way down and back
In the soybean field
In the summer grass
On the tractor road
He was disowned
Sent away
Given up
Not needed
And his only option was to please
And please, and please the world, and
And he was to think and think it out
And it could never be done
He never found out how to be
to be
So the pleasing game broke
its maker.
Overwhelmed at the task
Only left to be satisfied, and
Choose which fire to sit in.
Flourish in the fire
A new game to overwhelm himself with.

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