I just

I just want to chill
And hang with my bros
Visit my tribe
Hug my family
And explore in happy failure

2 thoughts on “I just”

  1. I know and I love him for it. He needs it and I’m fine with that…if he communicates it clearly to me like the almost 28 year old he is and not as a punishment for me not agreeing with him. Him learning to tell me know was the biggest gift. I’ve wanted to him to take control of things for a long time…money is a big one. I need the structure. Shopping in my Achilles heel.


  2. Last thing: for S’s birthday tomorrow night I’m giving Aaron your mother’s day gift from me as well as a card and gift card for Sharron that I bought at Target…with my own money. I’ve had a couple things stashed away for you that I bought while we were traveling, been meaning to get them to you.


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