Hide Nothing: Sex no. 9

Yeah yea sex. Gonna freak out about it all day long. Could be good could be bad. Could just make things way to compkicated. I am always wanting complicated. Complicated is better. No it is not. Sex sex. It is one of my biggest freak out triggers. Frwak out freak out. Omg omg omg omg omg k g omg omg k g o g. Can we please just chill. We don’t need to have sex. Gonna freak out yup, that’s what I do.

This world is just too big and scary for this soft weak heart. Especially sex. That and stds really scary. And this stupid mind just loves coming up with more scary things.

I don’t even want to go there. No. Baby steps. maybe another time another place. It does sound lovely. Let me dream about it. That is more than enough. Dont yave to do it. Dreams are nice. Let it be a fantasy. I do want it bad. Could feel so good. We could feed 3wch other cookies and have freaky doggy style. Why not dream. Explore in the safety of the mind. Nope not interested in real life. Way too complicated. Got more than enough going on. Let sex live in the mind. A fury of mind sex. How beautiful and fun. Spanking and moaning and crying in divine ectasy. a spiritual sex. one day I might have the courage but right now, nope. I’m a bit of grass.

Yup, sex is pretty cool and it also freaks me out and I’m a wimp. A little bit of grass growing in this big world.

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