Failure, failure, failure
Everywhere this miserable message

Because once long ago a kayak race was lost
Came second place.
Was going strong and sure to win
Looked sideways and found
A faster paddler, could not be beat.
I took it like the sky had fallen
I was golden
I was the top dog
And now there is something
That can not be bested
I can not
And I could never admit it
That I can not be everything

Next a tournament was lost
Came second place.
Was so good on Rings, Pommel Horse, Floor, and
failed on the P-bars, Vault, High-bar.

Now always a failure and always
Making up.
Now never can there be satisfaction;
Is there no way out.
How powerful these memories
How powerful these choices made over time.

2 thoughts on “Compete”

  1. Second place as the first loser is such a truth if one is focused on the wrong things. I try very hard to compete against myself- my own standards. I usually still fall short, but I am not creating a bad relationship – at least on my part- form others. Being near the top still seems to draw negativity and the desire of others to win by beat-up on you instead of beating you. Enjoyed your poem, As you can see, it caused a lot of thought!


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