Hey hey hey now, I know sky I see. Oh I see now
I know you want to be so healthy
                                      you don't have too
You really don't have too

Where is healthy. Will you find it for me.
you know sky
You don't have to be
you really don't have to find it. It is okay. it's okay.
I know you want to and that
okay too. That is wonderful. to have dreams and ideas and 
aspirations and visions. 
Just know, too, you don't have too. YOu don't you don't. 
You are allowed dreams, and you don't have too. 
You don't have to race like NASCAR, like a rocket, like a planet.
It is okay. Just to dream about dream, just to dream
Just to look and marvel. 
YOu don't have to go all the way all the time
It is okay. 
YOu are allowed to let this body break into the pieces it came from.
It's okay okay okay okay okary okay okay,
It's even okay to not be okay okay okay okay. 

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