Here and There

A thousand Gods
here and there and
there and here.
Where are mine and
where are yours

Riding chariots in the stars or
Breathing curls in the wind
Spirits in the stones and
Dryads singing melodies of maple
Gnomes in my shoe and
Pixies in the cupboards

Where are yours and
where are mine

Here is mine, it is a cow, a crazy cow
It lives on crazy
Crazy mind
Crazy body
Crazy heart
Delighting in such digestions
Four stomachs, asking no questions
Making no demands
Let go the crazy for
it is treasure for another
So much can not be held
in this simple human puzzle
Let go

As the trees take our exhales
giving our inhales
As the leafs fall as gold
to the creatures of the soil

Crazy cow takes tensions and
makes new golden dimensions
Giving light to deep
where it is tight
Desiring only to facilitate flow
the fluries of snow become
apple blossoms in spring.

Crazy cow leaves the
puzzle of good and bad to
the stories of man, and
Where is yours and
where is mine.

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