Hey hey hello
what is this 
  what is this story this mind continues to throw up
what is this 
what needs to be resolved 
and why is it so upsetting to this body.

Here is the fantasay: of sticking it to the man
of saying, "and same to you, with knobs, you bugger"
of fighting whomever might think to put me down.
of saying, "why must you hate on your students", 
"do you think being mad at us will make us work harder, want to be better
do you really think that, 
that your disapproval will well up a great motivation for
musical betterment?"
What? really? Yes yes this mind says that I didn't stick up for
myself and that is a failure. That I must stand up for myself
that I must must
that we all must stand up and fight when put down.
           that is the stronger way
that we must all be strong

I am so tired of needing to be strong.

Or is it it strength to be the one
who gets up again, 
or is it the one
                      who makes the swing?
Is it the one who turns the cheek
and say, "hit me on this side, you fool".

This all
                  all so pisses me off.
This macho fantasy is so alluring and so redolent of bore.

Hey hey hey Sky, I know you want to, sky. I know you want to stand up for
yourself. That you feel you must, sky. That it is some kind of 

                              requirement for inner peace.
You know, you know
                         you really don't have to.

Makes me cringe to say, but I believe you really don't have

don't have to be strong. We really don't have

don't have to stand up for ourselves. It is okay okay okay.

It is no requirement.

You really don't have to. Please please please, sky. 

Yea, we feel we must be strong, and and and

hey sky, hey hey hey now. YOu know it is okay to feel like that..

                     you really don't have to. 

It is okay to feel wanting to punch those assholes in the face.. 

To pick a fight and leave with a bloody nose, 


               to say
                              to my beautiful women, "I am a fighter".

This dilemma of machismo has so long been a struggle

such a struggle. Yeah it is okay to struggle, Sky.

It is really okay

okay okay okay. Okay to dream , okay to want to fight. I want to fight. 

I want to fight. I want to . I want to be kind, I want to fight. 

I want to say, "fuck you, you fucking fucker".

It really pisses me off to be looked down upon, yeah, yeah that is okay. 

We really don't like to be not respected. 

Hey, sky, sky ,sky it is okay. You know you know. Yeah. Yeah. 

I want to be respected. I want to be liked, yeah, sky, we do. It is okay. 

You don't have. We really don't have to. 

Hey sky, I know we don't like to be a wimp, and that's okay.

we don't have to be strong. We really dont have dtoo. Don't don't don't don't don't

have to be strong. 

don't have to be so awesome and amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing. I want to be amazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing for the ladies. 

                  for the ladies. I want to be kind. 

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