Ah ah ah, Oh

What is
the state of mind right now
Some combination of tired and general annoyance that
I am tired
I would like to be not tired
I know, I know, I know
…………………………I know you
you you you
don’t want be like this, don’t like to be like this
want to be other things.
I know, it’s okay. yup. Those things are a beautiful
beaitiful aspiration. Yup we’re tired. Okay. all the time.
And you know, you really don’t have to be not tired or not annoyed
or not frustrated.
……………………you you don’t have to
I know you do. and that okay.
That is awesome.
I don’t like this. I know you don’t like it and want to be other things
I see it
I see it it it it right down there in the bottom of
it all.
Down there with that shivering child, that hungry child
I know I know. that is okay.
IT is okay to want things
It is great it is lovely it is awesome.
All it is means is you want things.
I don’t like this.
……..I know you you you you, Sky. I see you you and it is okay.
It means you don’t like things. It doesn’t have to mean anything more.
okay. lots of people don’t like things.
The world is not all the same.
Ahhhh ohhhhh, ahhh oh oh ohm, ohhhhhh, mmmmmmmm, huuuuuuu
ahhhh, ohhhhhh, oh oh ohaaa
Yeah, I see that coming out. What a motion coming out of Sky
Sky sky sky, I know. Ahhhhmmmm I know.
AHhhhh ohhhh, yea let it it it it out.

Let it out and let it in, Jude.

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