Potato Love

I am sitting garbed in tshirt and boxers in my office as she comes home and say hello through the house. I respond and hear her headed my way. She see me there reading my book I just got about the history of pastries. I am on the section about shortbread in Scotland and for some reason the whole scene makes her fall in love with me all over again. I say I am reading a new book. She say I see that. Then she walks over and lays her hands in my shoulders and whispers that she brought something home for you mr shortbread boy. I say is that right misses coyish missy. She says yes it is. I say I didn’t know I was born in April. She says your parents called and said that remembered they had it wrong all along. I says I’ll just be a minute. I then sigh and stretch and walk to the kitchen. There I see that she has brought me something. This something makes my heart sing as it tells me here is a women that knows me. Herebis a women that know me Right to the depths. bHere is a women o that cares and thinks of me. Here is a women that appreciates me. Here is women of thoughtfulness an kindness. Here is a women that loves me. Here Is a women that makes me smile. Here is an women. I then turn my head a bit as a tear slides out my eye and say whatever could I have done to deserve such a women as you. She pouts a bit and says I could think of a few things. Then she she makes passionate love to me right there and then because we could hardly be bothered to find another spot. Then we lay there on the floor. We look at each other. We look at the ceiling. We look at the kitchen. Then her stomach rumbles and she giggled. and I say I suppose that means i aught to fix you some dinner. She says I suppose it does. She says I want something with potatoes. I say potatoes? I say i thoughtbauch women as you could onlynest things that dropped from the heavens. She rolls her eyes and pinches me and says I want potatoes. I say okay.

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