So Here Now

So here now this is it

What what did you want

Well have you not read all the stories

They are so



So lovely

I wanted to be so lovely like that

So intensely that I am broken.

Yes yes yes I know. I see you you sky.
I know sky sky. I Know I know sky. You don't have to

Don't have to kill yourself for the ideas, the stories that are told

You really don't have to do it like that. It is






Okay. It does not have to be full steam all or nothing.

That is not sustainable.

You really really don't have okay

Really really don't have to be superman

I tis a beautiful, laudable, admirable, scintillating


Can be added to

the list of things that don't need to be done

that list is light years long.

light year

Why is it so hard to let out this golden crown that wants the

whole world in its pocket.











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