Lunch Flowers

It is lunch time. I sit down on the bench by the water. I like to feel the motion of such steady moving mass. Its certainty is almost unnerving. Unnerving bc I like to think I am in control. it tells you there is nothing you can do; you must surrender. Fight not wee human; you are a leaf. Let go your golden crown; Here is a power beyond you.
Standard fare for eating today. Apple and a sandwich. And some crackers. And a thermos of ice tea. Ice tea is a balm of the back ache. The sandwich is egg salad and some greens and flowers. Flowers. there are flowers in my sandwich. Nasturtiums I think. A little spicy. She must have put them there. When could she have. I do not know. From the garden. Perhaps when I went to fetch the mail. I must think of something nice to say. Flowers in my sandwich. Goodness. Perhaps I will buy some flowers. Or I might find some to pick. Or I might call her a flower, a dahlia, maybe. Dahlia, dear. Or a tiger lily. I smile. I watch the clouds. I watch the people. I watch the river. I sigh. I go back to the café. Flowers, goodness.

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