Cherry Cheese LOVe

It is Saturday and it is late and we are tired and we sip and we sit on the couch under blankets and we are warm. We were going to watch a movie but neither of us could bring ourselves to find something. So we find ourselves looking at at painting on the wall that she found some time ago. Maybe it was from the thrift store. It is a bowl of cherries. I tell her some stories I know about cherries. She tells me some stories about cherries. Then for a while we are quiet quiet quiet. I listen to her breath. I listen to her breathe. I listen to her heart. I listen to it beat. I feel her warmth seep into I me as my warmth seeps into her. We are at such ease that I shake my head and sigh a bit and droplets wander down my cheek. She says do you weep. I say yes. She says good. She says I am glad you feel so safe with me. I say thank you. Then we are quiet for a good but longer until I begin to think she has fallen asleep. Then she says that was a good show and now Id like to go to sleep. I say shall I carry you. She says yes. She says I want a slice if cheese. Inam about to say that it really probably isn’t the greatest to eat right before bed and then I don’t. I go get a slice of cheese. I carry her small body off to bed in my spindly little arms. So we sleep. So we dream. So for just a moment in this absurd and ridiculous world there is a piece of peace.

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