There is a women

There is a women
I am so allured
I so adore her
I am so afraid she will rescind
I want to send her all my love poems
I have written many
I do not write love poems
Now I do
I want to be passionately in love
I do not have the energy for it
I want it so bad
I am sick in my mind and body
I am afraid
I want to be at peace
I want to take things slowly
I want her to like me, adore, love me
I want us to hold, and kiss, and make love
Make love again and again.
Her hand alighted on my skin
On my face, on my hands.
My hand alighted on her face.
Our faces touch
I want to kiss her and see the pleasure on her face.
She arouses me to no end.
Yes this penis is hard
Okay. It is. Maybe her vagina is wet.
That would be nice.
Yup sexy sexy sexy thoughts. I think about these machinations.
She is foxy
Afraid she will be annoyed with my arousal, or hate it. reject it.
I am afraid of my obsessiveness
That I will burn myself out as I have always done with everything
I want nothing to stand in the way
I want her
I want her to want me to want her.
I want her to want me
I want to be able to relax relax relax
It is okay okay okay
I want to give her flowers
I want to be her flower
I want to be with her naked and loving
I want to be able to relax realx realx into love
I want to be okay okay okay okay
I want to be able to let go.
I want her to be okay okay with me
And I be okay with her
I want to play music for her
Dance, and sing with her.
JOy and Merriment.
I want us to be okay with each others imperfections
Want us to be okay that we don’t like everything about each other.
Want it to be okay.
I want to be healthy.
I want to share with her my darkness
And her darkness with me
That we be okay with eachothers caves.
We see the caverns within each other and light a torch
And let it go.
Let it let it it it it go.
Yes. Hello there. Beautiful wonderful women.
When she asks me to kiss her it is a miracle
I am always so intense about everything and it scares me
I don’t want to burn myself and her
I don’t want to burn. I want to live in warmth.
Sexy sexy sexy, oh my. I never knew. But her face on mine
Her face on mine
Her face on mine.
My face on hers
that buttterfly.
Physical connection is really really beautiful to me
It says a thousand words
We humans
We like to connect
It behooves us
behooooves us
We like to be together
It makes us healthy and bright
Sunny and light
Wonderful and tight
Like the string of a kite in the sky on a beaituful night.
LA la la
I am a little crazy and I want to be honest and simple.
Elemental and happy.
Here is me this is me. This is sky. This is redbear.
The snail, the dragon, the pie in the sky.
He loves it all. He wants to connect and be merry and happy
He is afraid afrai afriad of being a bother bother
bother bother bother
Bother bother that. Who gives a fucking damn.
So tired of that botheringness.
He want to love and connect. And relax and let it go.
Will it be okay?

I am done done done denying it.
Done done done denying that I love
Is it more responsible to love?
that I desire and want. That I want to be sincere and playful
Connected deeply and throughly.

Yes here I am. I want to see you. And trust. he wants to trust, but goodness, her body, so beautiful. How can it be? Her face, her face.
And read, will she read to me? Something light.
Children’s stories or maybe something deep.

One thought on “There is a women”

  1. I am so nuts I actually thought you wrote that about me ! That’s why I love your stuff… are so personal…like your right here talking to ME. I also have an overactive imagination ….who ever this person is I wish you a beautiful time together…I hope you meet her and she falls crazy in love with you, and you are happy…. xox


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