We went to the moon. Right?
And to the bottom of the ocean
NAd deep deep holes dug into the ground. and 
tall tall mountains blown right off
and then we build some bridges and towers and buildings and roads
and all such engineering miracuolousness.
            What a wonder.
Then there is us these humans, stupified by sexuality. 
There is our boobs and tits and weiners and vaginas. 
And skin and tongues and lips and bums.
We went to the moon right?
Then we came back and were scared of having sex. 
          Because sexuality is a little weird and not talked about
We went to the moon, right??
There there are these humans that get fatasized by pictures and porn
and explicit delicasies. 
Our sexual desires, our sexual reminders that we are humans and animals.
That I look at a women and am amazed at the beauty and alure 
             What she makes me feel. 
                                     And perhaps she feels it too?

That i look at these images and feel such a force of desire. 

You must respect the figure of a women.
                               Respect it for the power it
has over this society. That we hardly know what to do
That we oppress and surrpress and it becomes all whacked up .

ANd it feels and it feels feels so nice. Why must we run away.

Are we afraid of such a powerful force of desire.
                          Nobody likes to be upturned by a force that cannot control.
                     These men afraid so long of the 

                    Power of women.
A power they don't even have to do anything to achieve. They just be. 

They be as they are and have power. Oh my they are so sexy. 

Can we just respect our desires and not hate for it.
It is okay to desire. 
             Desire respectfully. 

Desire and be amazed at the power of desire and pleasure. That there is
            this device within us that makes
us feel connection
                  connected to each other. 
We like that
                 we like connection because we are human.
Humans like a tribe and like a buddy and a lady. 

Theese women are so beautiful and they make me feel so wonderful.
Wow. How can it be so lovely?
Sex sex sex sex and ssensuality. Yum

4 thoughts on “Sexualassy”

  1. Haha, we went to the moon but are afraid of our own nipples. So true.
    This actually helped me understand some things. When I see a beautiful human form, I can admire the sexy magnificence, but I don’t feel anything like the strong pull that you and so many other men seem to feel.


  2. Maybe in a few million more years we will outgrow our sexual lusting …because it was nessesarry to replace it with something else. It does seem primitive to me ….and it is funny that man has evolved technologically…yet remains childish and ignorant regarding sex , and women . As man adores the females beauty, women admire mans intelligence. But when he thinks with his dick, he becomes an idiot…


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