A Little Bit of osoisiemw

A little bit of akjhsdkjhfjk
Some akjskjhdkj
and over here is aioiiowoiw
under there put the owoiwoiwoiwq
by the cobwebs is siosoisoia
then there is owiowoiq

in the corner find oiqoll,amxmz,
taste a dash of bvbvbvbvcnxm
yes that is fine qoiqola,znxhd
mix in some oiqwoeuruxzzmna
hanging on the wall is oqppskvrailuhavjkn

Why do we call mistakes
As if we are missing something
as if we have missed the take of
our life
as if a film directer
doesn’t know each film has hundreds of
missed takes
they are a given.
so, are they mistakes?
Or are they simply part of the whole
grow in vitality of a garden
weeds grow every moment
of every day
as mistakes grow every day
of every moment
with the vegetables.

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