Should we fit like a glove

Should we fit like a glove and
A hand
or perhaps a pair of PJs
Cozy and unassuming
Possibly stand as jeans
And a T-shirt
Relaxed and casual
Or a suit and a tie and a dress
Cut bespoke
Or a trench coat
A poncho and a sombrero
Or wrapped around like a
Snuggled on the couch in
A weace of folds and valleys
Or some of this and that
Do you make a relationship
of suits and ties or save that
For sometime whem
time is nie
Leave the rest as business is casual

How does a relationship wear
And wear at the edges

do we DIY or DIFM
Generally dressed clean
or a pre-stressed queen
Ready to tumble in
always working leather

In boots and a helmet
Or give it a selection?
Nice without extravagance
Ir full on luxurious?
Decadent and esoteric

But why why do we need
to tie ourselves
to prescribe be scribed
on a label put on a
box, a jar
that we set out on the table
that sends our communique cable
to the world saying
this is what you should think of me
what I think of myself
what I think of myself
what do I think of myself.

What of the dresser, the closet
Are they changing
like the seasons
Or constant as the mountain
Changing when is needed
Or sometimes or often of when
would I ever let go.
Or this from a friend of fantastic.
And what of the room
Are there plants or pearls or posters
or purples
A parrot
Or people
Full of people who care not what the wear
OR care how they wear
liking how they wear
I like to like how I wear
It’s nice to like how you wear
together with others
liking how they wear
So how do wear?

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