Light Light Green.

We moved to a new house. It is not too shabby, only needing some paint. So I paint. So I paint the walls a nice light light green colour and listen to a bit a music. She unpacks boxes and fills up the closets and cabinets and dressers and I paint. Sometimes she hums a little and we catch each others eye and smile at this crazy idea of ours. A home together and we can’t really believe it. The music, though, the music makes it real nice. And maybe sometime we will get around to finding a piano to fill the empty spaces. There are lots of free ones around and usually they aren’t so bad once you tune them a bit. We don’t need anything real fancy. Maybe in the distant future we’ll find something nicer, something with a good ring to it, a nice tone, nice voicing, something that sings back to you. Something that will look nice with plants on it would be good, too. Or maybe it could have something she embroidered – that would be nice. And a plant, too. But that is far away. She likes green and I think it will be nice if the walls are not all white. She does most of the decorating, and I suggest a little sometimes, but I really don’t want to be fussy about it. Mostly I adopt plants. I like the cacti. Some of have spines that you can pet. And when you do they are sort of musical. A musical plonking like a really out of tune piano. It is cute. We take a break for a bit and eat some soup and some cheesy sandwiches and some salad and talk a bit and dream a little. But really mostly we just want something simple that’ll be cozy and nice. So that’s what we go for. It’ll settle in and with things up and around it’ll be nice. In the evening we are tired and sticky and dusty so we fill up the bathtub with water and bubbles. Bubbles bubbles bubbles. They are such a joy. And we blow them at each other and she brings a book. Something she is reading and she reads to me as we sit together in the water and the bubbles. And the bubbles and the water. And we read together and relax together. I tease, “oh no, your protagonist is having troubles!”. She hums at me. I hold her in my arms with her in front of me and kiss her on the head. I look at the walls and wonder what they will look like in a light light green. I blow some bubbles, too. And kiss her hair that flows like water. After a bit we get out and lay some towels on the ground and make love right there because we couldn’t be bothered to find a better spot. It is the best spot.

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