Big Big Pike

I am so so so tired
of this
I do not know where I go
where am I anymore
these incessant micromangaing thoughts
blah blah blahl blahl blablahalh

they tell me I am afraid afraid
to go to far so I go far in being
afraid of my own flow that it will not go
where I want to to to flow
flow to you know
I want to flow with the warmth
of me and you and
these people
you know
I am so done with the stresisng
and strainging
an pushing the needing to be able
to be everything and nothing
you know that Ithathathathatahthahtaht
so tired of that thing
I was taught to push push push mitself
myself to be be be more than myself
be be more than myself
to push it push push it all into myslef
I no no
no . It is so hard.
I want to flow with the glow of my mistakes
toward the flow of warmth
that is okaywith mistakes
you flow with the flow of mistakes
rather than the tesnions of tesnsiont tensions of mistakes

perhaps the unmaking of man
is not the making of mistakes but
the attempt tounmake the mistakes
the attempt to not make the mistakes
make no mistake we make mistakes
we are mistake MAN. So let us make mistake
mistake our mistakes
stake them o the sweepstakes
and flow flow flow with the mistakes
they are mistakes let them flow out
as they do as the breath in me and you
flow with the mistakes
how do I flow with my mistakes
rather than be intension with my mistakes
with what I do not like
there are things I do not like
I want to flow with this big big pike. ‘]

I am m am trying to be a man
I am not yet or may never yet be and
I am me where is me trying to be more than I can see
and it burns burns burns burns burns
to be more than I can see
and I would like to be warm where I can see
you know with the flowers and the bees
let me be
let me be!!
Let me be me and how do I flow with the mistakes
of me
HOw do I flow with the mistakes that I make and go
I hold
where I want to go lightly lightly lighly lightly
I hold lightly the warm of where I want to be
let me see
if I can flow with the big old pike and him and
me go fishing for a little trike.
HIm and me how to flow wiht me me me me
how to discern
when to go and when to stay with thoughts that
flow from me
flow flow from me
these thoughts flow from
me and I roll my eyes at the fearing crazy
seething see them in a sea of oh boy.Of course.
LEt me let me flow in me
Letn me le me flow
how to flow as I want to be and flow with the mistakes
that are me
and go still in the life
in warmly warmth
wamramwarawm a lill0low of warmth
you know.
Enough with all the nice nice yniceninyincincienciey
blah blah blah blah
you know
we are mistaken
we are mistaken
so flow with them
so how to I flow with the emotions
all of them and enough with the nicey nicey ncienyi ncien iynece psicep
spicey nicey blah blah.
Good fridge good grief.

well sort of kinda like that in that direction okay
that enough more than more than enough I seems to me.

2 thoughts on “Big Big Pike”

  1. i thought this poetry flowed fluidly…i like the Pike imagery…fish flowing…you captured the essence of your feelings (as you always do)…i’m so glad you at least make the best of it and write poetry……maybe you need a good massage ?

    Liked by 1 person

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