Fierceness is something
I think
I need
to express
and haven’t let mysefl express
because it is so alternate to the other part
of me that wants to live in warmth
and beauty and connection
and I am afraid that fierceness will break
and tear me away from these other things I want
and so I suppress
but then feel, when? And I feel sometimes
sick in the warmth and cheer
and i want something stark
and straight and true
and fiercely raw and present
and I don’t know how how to express these two things
to have these two parts
together so one does not overcome forever the other
I afraid that I will become
something I don’t want to become
but I feel dead to not have a bit of both
so how do I express
a bit of both?

Somewhere where I feel safe to be fierce, that it will not overwell
not overcome
or maybe I shouldn’t worry so much?
I don’t know.

shouldn’t worry so much much much I
where do I release each part of these things
so I feel like
something balanced and complete.

Something something
balanced and
and complete.

where and when can I say




I am in your face. I think perhaps it is a power thing
I like
Where can I be where I feel a bit like
I am affecting things
would like to be able to affect things
where there is an explosion
of utter expression of self
hey hello
and utter being
and utter and total hello to the world

maybe I could chop some wood?

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