Your hand alights the lips
And lights the listless life
I miss this missus
of the quiet night. 

Hello broken hearted
Your lawn is spare part strewn
They seem to fit 
Where I am missing

I have a box of odds and ends
Maybe they likewise fit
Where you are missing

I like to think
It Romantic that
The food wrapper you left in
My rubbish bin
Inspires Nostalgia
To kiss again
I would do it in a heartbeat
Make my heartbeat.



I wish this love
To be always
As strong as it goes.
For when we
Cry crow, cry wolf, in row —
As will be —
We will know
To let pass the water
Under the bridge



I sit here
I send to you a butterfly
A mirror
A reflection of your grace

As Ever:

Think of your beauty today
And know I have missed out.

You have too, though;
I am handsome as ever.

Harbor Master:

I asked the harbor master,
Send her a boatload of freesias

I then changed my mind
No, send her two.
He said,

Stuck Fast:

Stomach rumbles and I do not go
Stuck fast to the Spot
By a 
Glue of Prose