I love the sneeze
The stiff breeze
Blowing consciousness to smithereens.

For a moment I am forced,
to be
In the moment,
not to be
Stuck in the head, in the mind.

My identity becomes uniform
An action signifying singular symmetry-
Indeed the devil ego is released.

I, becomes sneeze:
No fear, no courage, no thought, and
It is becoming.

A singular Peace
A reprieve
Democratically available.

So I stir up the dust
Stare at the sun
Breathe in the pollen.


I am a piece of puzzle piece
Together to fit this whole.
I am a bit of teacher,
Brought over from when our
Heads were in the Stars.

What I give,
May not always be the same.
What I give,
May not be always what I want.

My show and tell
May be great Joy
My show and tell
May be great sorrow.

I am a living lesson,
A true Illuminated Manuscript.
There’s a piece to place
A place for peace.


The grass it draws upon the earth,
And sheep draw upon the grass.
Drawn from wool a ball of yarn,
And knitted as a cabled vest.
I wear the vest upon, upon, upon,
And so I wear upon me,
Mother Earth.