They say to you
Climb this mountain.
This mountain that cannot be seen
That has no end
That has no map
That has ceaseless traps
And bears and cougars.
And know too that whatever comes
Cannot be fought, only accepted.
If life was eternally needling
Would you do it


Why such entitlement to goodness
To pleasure
To not pain
And love
I was not supposed
A tiresome entitlement
Every day expecting the lotto649
To stake in my favour.
I was not supposed
Perhaps it was better when we
Lived all out and died before forty.
When it hardly matters if we hurt.
We let go of feels good.
I was not meant to be so buggered.

And If

And if I have made the right decision,
Then I have made the right decision.
And if I have made the wrong decision,
Then I have made the wrong decision.
And if there is darkness,
Then there is darkness.
And if there is good,
Then there is good.
And if I am guilty,
Then I am guilty.
Am if I am honourable,
Then I am honourable.


The body wants cookies
It was built to like cookies
They feel good
Cookies are easy energy.
The mind wants cheap thrills
It was built to like cheap thrills
They feel good
Cheep thrills are easy.

Cheap thrills and cheap energy
Are the bane of
A creature bred for scarcity
And living in plenty
This is a suffocating plenty.

NaP (Not a Poem): Questions

If I am to go on this world in suffering and pain, should I make it worthwhile? Is it better to make the suffering worthwhile? Do I get brownie points because I did good and was good? I can not feel good, but that is only one of three. I can glorify the spirit in my suffering. Can I really only choose to choose? Would it make any difference to know? To know that I am doing good and that is good? Why care whether I made the right choice? If I choose to go on living, should I also choose to do something more with that life. If I despise this suffering, then would it not make sense to make effort to help others to understand suffering as others have done for me? Does it matter to help other people.